For many, your computer is a source of daily convenience. Whether you work on your laptop, browse the Internet on your desktop or you rely on computers to help you run your business, any setback in your ability to use one means a disruption to your life.

The Computer Store Inc. is here to make sure any computer issues you’re faced with are short-lived. Whether it’s a hardware issue that demands a part replacement or the solution is virus removal in Saugus, MA, come to us to set things right!


We’re pleased to serve both commercial and residential customers with computer repair needs. Our expertise spans all major brands and operating systems, and we understand how to properly investigate and resolve troubles that may be causing user issues with your machine.

Every computer issue can be traced back to a hardware or software root. Our professionals determine what the nature of your problem is to ensure you’re getting the right type of service. Whether it means replacing a faulty battery or reinstalling a crashed operating system, you can be certain that our definitive approach to providing repairs yields nothing short of complete functionality from your computer.

Come to us or give us a call and we’ll come to you! We’re happy to service machines at our shop, on-site, or in instances where relocation of your computer is not possible we’re happy to come to you.


All it takes is one wrong click, a suspect download or a random plugin installation and before you know it, you’ve got major problems on your computer. Viruses, malware, and ransomware can quickly infect your computer to deep degrees, making it unsafe for you to use and dangerous for you to trust.

Our professionals can help you determine if you’ve downloaded one of these dangerous bugs and can take care of malware removal in Saugus, MA to ensure that your system is free and clear of anything that may be out to take advantage of you and your information. Don’t live with malicious software—let us help!

For more information about any of our services or to inquire about our capabilities when it comes to any of the above items, please contact us today by calling 978-531-6600.

Common Service Requests

We handle most computer and network issues, but here’s a list of some of our most common inquiries.

Don’t see your problem on the list? Call us! We can help.

  • Windows 7 Updates
  • Computer security for home and business
  • Backup plan for home and business
  • IT Support
  • Home and Business network setup
  • Malware and Virus prevention
  • Malware, Virus and Phishing Solutions
  • Retrieving Your Customer Number
  • Resetting Your Password
  • Retrieving Your Customer Number or Resetting
  • Android: Setting up Workspace Email
  • Retrieving Your Customer Number or Resetting
  • Outlook 2007: Setting up Workspace Email
  • Retrieving Your Customer Number or Resetting
  • Outlook 2013: Setting up Workspace Email
  • Retrieving Your Customer Number or Resetting